The World of Packaging – – boxing, packaging, litho – KZN, South Africa

Our Mission

We are dedicated to first and foremost meeting the demands of our clients without compromising core values, whilst at the same time offering competitive prices.

This will be realised both internally and externally by continuous communication between management, employee’s .suppliers, customer, community and by ongoing improvement of process, products and services

Our Vision

The Red Box Company is committed to seeking growth and prosperity by achieving a sustainable market share. We strive to reach our goals by not meeting but exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients. We are committed to meet this by continuous improvement of quality, productivity and value as well as the development of a new products and services.  It is our intent to develop quality partnership between suppliers, employees and customers.  We wish to continually set standards of excellence both personally and professionally which exemplify our dedication to the goals and fulfillment of the company vision.

Core Values 

  • To meet the needs of each customer who have placed their faith in trust
  • To use innovation and creativity to solve problems
  • To treat each other,  our customers and business partners with respect and dignity

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